This is the question Bill is asking now: “What is it that the Spirit of God has deposited in me that is unique and needs to be published”?

It is a crucial question to grapple with. Bill began to write during his years in Latin America, publishing books on worship and drama in the church, on Christian courtship and marriage, and on world missions.  However, most of Bill’s life has been dedicated to discovering, coaching and releasing other writers whose voice would otherwise not be heard.  He co-published a number of books in Spanish and English; he edited many volumes for the WEA Mission Commission; he edited the MC journal, Connections from inception to conclusion.

However, it is significant that the Spirit has released Bill to write from his own background and gifting, training and experience, wisdom and practice, and his prophetic insight and words.  Two main books are now conceptualized and have their initial structure: one on persecution, and the other on missions.

Some of Bill’s recent publications include:

1.    Steve Hoke and Bill co-wrote Global Mission Handbook: a Guide to Crosscultural Service, IVP, 2009, which has circulated widely and been heavily promoted to mission agencies, future missionaries, the Perspectives classes (it was designed to follow this great 15-lesson course) and at the Urbana Student Convention.  A Korean version has just been released by IVP Korea.

2.    He was lead editor (along with Dr. Tonica van der Meer of Brasil, and Reg Reimer of Canada) of the resource anthology, Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution and Martyrdom, released in August 2012.  This publication is a mosaic of stories, and heavily documented chapters of 570 pages, and a key resource for thoughtful pastors and mission pastors, heads of mission agencies, theological seminaries and missionary training schools, as well as the general public. The book is now in Spanish and Portuguese, and slated to be translated into Korean, French and perhaps other languages.

Bill will follow up on this book to produce a shorter, more popular adaptation of this book, of some 200 pages in length. It will be aimed toward Christians from North America and Europe but also designed for translation and adaption into other languages.

3.    Bill has edited a number of books as well as coordinated the production and promotion of other MC books. The most book he produced for the WEA Mission Commission is, Global Mission: Reflections and Case Studies in Contextualization for the Whole Church. It is edited by his close friend and colleague, missiologist, Rose Dowsett. The book will be translated into Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, and French.

4.    La Familia Auténticamente Cristiana, originally released in 1985 continues to circulate. A second edition was produced with Bill’s Guatemalan spiritual son and SETECA colleague, Dr. Sergio Mijangos.  Published by Kregel-Portavoz Press, we are pleased to see that the book continues to be in demand across the Spanish-speaking world.

5.    In October, 2012 Bill finished a total re-write and expansion of the Spanish local-church study guide, Misiones Mundiales.  Published in 2013 by the Lay Training Program of SETECA in Guatemala, this simple workbook was first released in 1985.  It has gone from 10 to 20 lessons, and takes into account the incredible work of the Spirit in growing the Latin American mission movement to where it is today.