The primary source of income to TGC comes from long-term ministry partners (individuals and churches) who have invested in the life and ministry of Yvonne and Bill Taylor since they left for Latin America in December 1968.  These partnership donations are crucial to the future and broader ministry of the Taylors through TGC.  They are welcomed and will be utilized according to the vision of TGC and the requests of the donor. The Taylors are keenly aware of and thankful that these global-minded friends intercede on behalf of the Taylors and God’s calling on them.

Donations to cover the five key services are tax-deductible gifts made to TaylorGlobalConsult.

When appropriate, designated funds may be raised and received for selected and board-approved ministries, projects and programs that fit within the broader vision of TG and are approved by the Board.

The Board approves the financial factors here described and also sets Bill’s salary. Together they seek the best use of his life-long experience and training, his gift-mix and skill-set.


Financial elements related to the five services:

1.    Mentoring-spiritual formation-apprenticing

Donations to cover these services are calculated by the hour ($120-$150); a full day ($600); an extended monthly basis ($250-$500 per month);  a project basis; or distributed over a yearly or multi-year budget. 

Cases in point: one foundation invested on a monthly basis $1,300 to cover an intense mentoring-apprenticing, life-coaching of their executive director; one agency invests $500 a month for the same for its president.

2.    Consulting

Normally a consulting commitment is formalized with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), based on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis, or within a larger project budget. The hourly donation to TGC for consulting is $200; per diem ranges between $900-1500, depending on distance, travel and overall time. Travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed separately.

3.    Writing

Normally a writing commitment to write or edit a book is formalized with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the writer or publisher based on the nature of the writing assignment.  For past projects Bill has edited smaller books for up to $1,000 and larger, longer-range projects for $3,500.

4.    Teaching

The contract is written by the educational institution, based on its payment for modular courses.  In some cases an institution in the Global South can only cover travel, and hence other TGC funds must subsidize this assignment.

5.    Speaking

The commitment is formalized with a letter of invitation. Speaking at a mission conference or other substantive engagements means a base contribution of $1200 per day (speaking two times), and depends on the number of days and number of speaking times.  Travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed separately. Adjustments are made in case where the invitation requires extensive travel and time or in cases where the fee creates hardship.

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