TGC represents both continuity and change for Bill and Yvonne Taylor.  Continuity in that their commitment to the mission of God, to the global church and to cross-cultural ministry is unchanged. They are profoundly grateful to the partnership team that began with them in 1968 when they first drove to Central America, and has grown with them over the decades in spite of ministry and geographical changes.

Yvonne and Bill based for 17 years in Guatemala with Camino-Global (formally CAM Int) at the Seminario Teológico Centroamericano, and helped plant a vibrant local church in Guatemala (Centro Bíblico El Camino) that continues to pray for them. Since leaving Latin America in 1985, they have dedicated over 28 years to the Mission Commission of World Evangelical Alliance.

TGC was created in 2010 to provide a new platform to release Bill’s calling in this stage of his life as mentor, teacher, writer, consultant, and speaker. The Taylors continue serving the WEA Mission Commission and will carry a dual-staff role into the near future.  TGC has seconded them to the MC with a focus on mentoring and shepherding, as well as providing leadership to its global missiology teams and coordinating MC publications.

At the same time Bill in particular will be freed up to move into new dimensions of ministry that reflect his calling as a mission elder, writer and statesman. Much of this document reflects these new paths which offer profoundly enriching challenges to both Yvonne and Bill. Yvonne is Bill’s full colleague in ministry, many times serving as his silent-partner. She is Bill’s muse, spiritual director and editor of his writings. In her own right she exercises her gifts and passions in and out of their home in Austin, Texas.  They have been partners in life, love, marriage and mission ministry since their wedding in 1967. They both want to finish well, which means coming to the end of life faithful to their vows, marked by integrity and willing to pay the price of transformational discipleship at this season of life.

The TGC platform guarantees accountability, counsel and legal protection for the leadership team under the watch-care of a competent and committed core of board members. This structure allows for proper accounting of ministry and services, financial stewardship and the capacity to issue tax-deductible receipts. TGC was incorporated by the State of Texas in January, 2010, and the Internal Revenue Service granted the 501 © (3) status in September, 2011.

The primary source of income to TGC comes from long-term ministry partners who have invested in the life and ministry of Yvonne and Bill Taylor since they left for Latin America in December 1968.  These partnership donations are crucial to the future and broader ministry of the Taylors through TGC.  They are welcomed and will be utilized according to the vision of TGC and the requests of the donor. They are also keenly aware or and thankful that these global-minded friends also intercede on behalf of the Taylors.