The vision and future of mentoring, life coaching and apprenticing men and women for thoughtful and significant living and vocation carries high priority. These individuals may serve within their home country (“passport culture”) or in cross-cultural and international contexts. These unique relationships take on distinct shapes, from the less-formal ones, to spiritual formation, all the way through to apprenticeships.


Mentoring takes place in three life stages.


With younger adults in the middle of change of calling, vocation and gifts.


In the lives of older servants who face significant crossroads in their lives and ministry.


In the latter years of the journey. They need wisdom and counsel from someone who has “been there” and who can walk alongside them with grace and insight.



1. Purposeful relationship that is less-formal, flexible and less-structured.

We meet face to face to dialogue as needed and desired. It can be limited in time or remain open ended. It can be done over a meal or in a home, by email, phone or Skype. In these cases the initiative comes primarily from the mentee. Assignments can be discussed but are not required; they may be very valuable however. A session flows from 1-2 hours.

2. Purposeful relationship that focuses more on spiritual formation.

It has parallels the first but is more open-ended, and distinct in focus and intention. The initiative comes from the person seeking spiritual formation and a sounding board for life and vocation related to over-arching call-vocatio on the person’s life. Assignments will be part of this relationship. A session can run from 60-90 minutes.

3. Intentional mentoring relationship that falls into non-formal education.

This is not an internship but it becomes a longer-term relationship of wisdom and experience, spiritual formation, self-analysis, growth and life-coaching towards personal and ministry goals. This relationship requires an investment on the part of both mentor and mentee, because the process includes guided reading, key assignments and discussion of processes and outcomes. This can also include guiding a person through advanced formal studies, such as a specialized masters or doctoral program.

4. Formal apprenticeship, structured, goal-oriented relationship with process and project components.

It carries the language of life-coaching, of apprenticeship, of internship, or traveling with a person through a masters or doctoral program. It requires a more serious longer-term relationship with a substantial commitment on both sides. The dynamics of this level of relationship overlap with the ideas of consulting.

The vision of mentoring into “global servant leadership” points to a process of guiding the life, the skill-set, spiritual gifts and dreams of the mentee into a unique blend of servanthood, competency and leadership that is focused primarily on God’s mission in the world.

The global dimension refers to life and ministry in the context of other cultures and geographies. I work together with my colleague to define a series of key terms, including leader and leadership, styles and models of leadership, global, cross-cultural leadership, servant leadership. Together we sort out expectations of these open-ended relationships.

The ministry of mentoring is carried out both in the USA and in other nations. Bill has cohorts that he works with on a more intentional basis in the USA and in Latin America. In 2013, 2015 and 2019 he spent significant time in South Africa, primarily speaking and mentoring. This international life-coaching will continue but select trips will be fewer and wisely taken. Some faces of this ministry require a face to face, and others can be handled by Skype and correspondence.


All four categories have financial dimensions. The first category requests an end of year gift to TGC. The other three categories entail a regular financial commitment by the mentee of his-her sponsoring organization or network. The amount is determined by both mentor and mentee.

Donations to cover these services are calculated by the hour ($150-$250); by a full day ($800); on an pro-rated extended monthly basis;  a project basis, or distributed over a year-long or multi-year budget.

Cases in point: one foundation invested on a monthly basis $1,300 for the formal five-year mentoring-apprenticing of their executive director; a church covered their mission’s pastor apprenticing with an annual donation of $3,000.

To inquire more about this service and/or to set one up, contact us to begin the next steps.




This dimension overlaps with mentoring but focuses more on professional direction and coaching, competency development and institutional change. It is a service provided to individuals, foundations, churches, mission agencies, businesses (including Business as Mission—BAM), schools and other types of educational organizations.


Consulting refers to assessment (off or on-site), professional coaching, evaluation, insight and wisdom to guide a person, team or organization to effectively carry out its long-term strategic mission, projects and programs. Bill’s life-long background of tested relationships and international cross-cultural experience enable him to make a unique contribution to the consultative process.


Examples of Consulting

  • Bill’s service during his last ten years with the Mission Commission, World Evangelical Alliance as mission elder and resident sage.

  • Providing wisdom and connectivity to Christian foundations and individuals with resources.

  • Investing in selected younger leaders as they grow into global leadership.

  • Guiding emerging and emerged leaders in their doctoral study programs.

  • Working with gifted and visionary emerging leaders with unique contributions to the church and world mission.

  • Providing “out of the box” insight to mission agencies attempting to engage their new future.

  • Engaging the leadership of educational institutions as they evaluate their history, mission, purpose, projects, programs and future.

  • Serving churches, agencies and schools re-envisioning their reason for existence, mission or changing future.

  • Providing wisdom to new missionary candidates as they attempt to discern their future in global service.


In most cases a consulting commitment is formalized with an informal conversation but can also be expressed more formally in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). It is based on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis, or within a larger project budget. The hourly donation to TGC for consulting ranges from $200-300; per day ranges between $900-1500, depending on travel and overall time. Travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed separately.

To learn more or arrange consulting services, please contact us.




Historically, Bill’s core Holy Spirit gifting has been in
teaching—a craft he has honed all his life.


During the first two decades of his public ministry he taught full-time in theological seminaries both in Guatemala and the USA. During the last 30 years this gift has been more on hold, with the exception of modular courses taught in the USA and internationally. His teaching style combines a singular mix of formal, non-formal and life-on-life education. Spiritual formation values are central to his teaching approach as he desires each time to build a “educational-spiritual community” in his classes.


Examples of Teaching

Modular Classes

Modular classes in recent years have been taught at Seminario Teológico Centroamericano (Ph.D. in Theological Education program, Guatemala), Redeemer Seminary (Austin campus), Trinity School of Ministry (Anglican), Columbia International University, the European School of Culture and Theology (Korntal, Germany) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). He has also been visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Wheaton Graduate School and All Nations Christian College in England.

Adjunct Professor—SETECA

Bill is an adjunct professor in the SETECA PhD program in theological education for Latin America. It is a joy to be able to return to his field context of Latin America and the school where he served for 17 years. It allows him to teach in Spanish, and to grow into areas of knowledge and teaching modalities.

Adjunct Professor—Trinity School for Ministry

Trinity School for Ministry (Anglican, Ambridge, PA) has engaged Bill as adjunct professor to teach both on the DMin and MDiv levels. He is delighted to teach at TSM, shaping future evangelical Anglican leaders in God’s global mission.  This also opens doors to the global fellowship of orthodox Anglicans as well as providing opportunity to input into their mission vision.


The contract is written by the educational institution, based on their payment for modular courses.  In some cases an institution in the Global South can only cover travel or lodging, and hence other TGC funds must subsidize this assignment.

Hourly teaching, or a segment of the course, includes preparation time, learning the on-line system used, the actual teaching, travel if applicable, and the legacy of 55 years lived on behalf of global mission and its concerns.

A graduate school level, 30 contact hour class, generally pays from $3,500-4,000, plus travel and housing as needed.

A graduate level class cost per hour ranges from $200-300.

Please contact us to learn more or arrange a teaching engagement.




After decades of international travel and speaking, this stage of Bill’s life calls for a keen focus in this area. He senses that the more recent calling on his life is to consider a limited number of speaking engagements, accepting only those with very clear spiritual andstrategic potential.


Examples of Prior Speaking

  • Plenary speaker at many local church mission conferences, both in the USA, South Africa, England, Singapore, Korea and Latin America.

  • Plenary speaker at global mission consultations convened by the WEA Mission Commission in Manila, UK, Brazil, South Africa and Thailand.

  • Presenter at seminars at the December, 2009 Urbana Student Mission Convention in St. Louis, MO. He has led workshops in many previous Urbana conventions.

  • A a younger mission leaders conference in Pretoria, South Africa.

  • Main speaker at “Global Shifts” seminar in the USA. The seminar featured three plenary talks on deep changes taking place in our world, secular, Christian and mission, and how we must respond in what is called “radical reset”.

  • Speaking in select churches, primarily in Guatemala, Centro

  • Bíblico el Camino (co-planted in 1974 with his wife and two other couples) and La Verdad y la Vida church, pastored by a personal friend and former colleague, Dr. Máximo Perez.

  • He has been the major speaker at missionary conferences at colleges and seminaries in the USA and on the international arena. These include, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Dallas Theological Seminary, Moody Bible Institute, Philadelphia International University, Denver Seminary, Alliance Seminary in Hong Kong, Advances School for Mission Studies in Korntal Germany, Seminario Teológico Centroamericano in Guatemala, Escuela Superior de Estudios Pastorales in Costa Rica.


The commitment is formalized with a letter of invitation. Speaking at a Saturday-Sunday mission conference or other substantive engagements suggests a base contribution of $1000 per day (speaking two times), and depends on the number of days and number of speaking times.  A commitment of, for example, four days total (counting travel), and speaking 4-5 times would usually generate an honorarium of $2,500-$3,000.  Travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed separately. Adjustments and increases are made when the invitation requires extensive travel and time. The Board makes adjustments depending on the circumstances and if this budget item creates a hardship, especially in cases in the Global South-Majority World.

Write Bill and ask for the “Speaker Information Form” and the “Speaking Engagement Agreement”.

To view some examples of Bill speaking, visit our Resources page for photos and video.




This is the question Bill is asking now: “What is it that the Spirit of God has deposited in me that is unique and needs to be published”?


Bill began to write during his years in Latin America, publishing books on worship and drama in the church, on Christian courtship and marriage, and on world missions. He has now finished (and subsequently revised) the new Spanish language grass-roots missionary course that he originally co-wrote in 1984 with a Nicaraguan colleague.

One of his commitments during these many years of writing and editing has been working to get other women and men published, whether through books or the MC journal Connections. In recent years, following the conclusion of his thirty years with the MC, he has been released to now write from his own journey, gifting, experience, training, wisdom and passions.

Get in touch if interested in publication with TGC.


Recent Projects & Publications


Global Mission Handbook: A Guide to Crosscultural Service

Steve Hoke and Bill co-wrote Global Mission Handbook: A Guide to Crosscultural Service, IVP, 2009, which has circulated widely and been heavily promoted to mission agencies, future missionaries, the Perspectives classes (it was designed to follow this great 15-lesson course) and at the Urbana Student Convention. A Korean version has been released by IVP Korea.


Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution and Martyrdom

He was lead editor (with Dr. Tonica van der Meer of Brasil, and Reg Reimer of Canada) of the resource anthology, Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution and Martyrdom, released in August 2012. This publication is a mosaic of Biblical and theological foundations, case studies and stories. Its 72 writers come from 44 nations, and offer a unique resource for thoughtful pastors and mission pastors, heads of mission agencies, theological seminaries and missionary training schools, as well as the general public. The book is now in Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.


La Familia Auténticamente Cristiana

originally released in 1985 continues to circulate. A second edition was produced with Bill’s Guatemalan spiritual son and SETECA colleague and spiritual son, Dr. Sergio Mijangos. Published by Kregel-Portavoz Press, the book continues to be in demand across the Spanish-speaking world.


Misiones Mundiales

In 2012 Bill finished a complete revision and expansion of the Spanish local-church study guide, Misiones Mundiales. Published in 2013 by the Lay Training Program of SETECA in Guatemala, this simple workbook was first released in 1985. It has gone from 10 to 20 lessons. It reflects the growth of the Global South mission movement as well as Bill’s own missiological maturation. It is now an on-line study program with with short video introductions to each of the twenty chapters.


Spirituality in Mission: Embracing the Lifelong Journey

Bill served on the editorial team to produce the unique resource, Spirituality in Mission: Embracing the Lifelong Journey. The lead editor was John Amalraj of India, along with Geoffrey Hahn of the USA. William Carey Library, 2018.

Currently he is working on three projects, the main one called My Father’s Shoes: the Memoir of a Global Pilgrim. Another one is an accessible book on harassment and persecution, aimed toward Christians from North America and Europe but also designed for translation and adaption into other languages. The third is a collection of his essays and reflection on global mission, emerging from his 55 years of experience.