A “Third Culture Person”, Bill was born (1940) in Costa Rica of missionary parents and lived in Latin America for 30 years, 17 of them with his wife, Yvonne, in Guatemala. Yvonne was born in Dallas, Texas, 1945. Together they served in Guatemala under Camino Global (called CAM Int. then), primarily assigned to leadership development at the Central American Theological Seminary. They also engaged in discipleship, mentoring, student work and church planting. Bill has been married to Yvonne since 1967, and they have three GenEx children born in Guatemala, and eight grandchildren. He and Yvonne partnered with a team to plant a vibrant Guatemalan church, which sent them to the USA as their missionaries and to this day intercedes for them.

Bill has studied at the following educational institutions: Moody Bible Institute—diploma; North Texas University—B.A; Dallas Theological Seminary—Th.M.; University of Texas, Austin--Ph.D. in Latin American Studies and the Foundations of Education.

He served on the faculty of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in the departments of World Mission as well as the doctoral education program during the academic years 1982-1983 and 1985-1986. He continues as adjunct professor in schools such as Seminario Teológico Centroamericano (Ph.D. in Theological Education program, Guatemala), Redeemer Seminary (Austin campus), Trinity School of Ministry (Anglican), Columbia International University, the European School of Culture and Theology (Korntal, Germany) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). He has also been visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Wheaton Graduate School and All Nations Christian College in England.

From 1986 to 2006, he served as executive director of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission, developing and leading of team of international staff, and coordinating seven international working task forces that address worldwide missions issues. In June of 2006 he transferred that position to his Swedish-Brazilian colleague, Dr. Bertil Ekström, and assumed new roles with the MC., primarily as senior mentor.

For ten years he served the WEA Mission Commission as Senior Mentor, coordinator of publications, co-leader of global missiology teams, writer, consultant and trainer. Based from his home in Austin, Texas, he also helps network strategic Western and non-Western mission resources, thus serving the global missions force, with particular commitment to global missiological issues.

At the end of 2016 he concluded his 30 years with the WEA Mission Commission, strongly assured of new callings at this season of his elder life.

As founder and president of TaylorGlobalConsult, he now invests most of his time in selective mentoring-apprenticing of key leaders, writing, teaching and consulting with agencies, schools, churches and business-as-mission ventures, and speaking to address key issues of our world today.

He is now able to offer executive coaching service to selected younger church and mission leaders, in the USA and in other nations.

He completed in mid-2012 the production of Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution and Martyrdom, lead editor, with Tonica van der Meer and Reg Reimer, William Carey Library, 2012.

Bill’s recent writing projects have been threefold. First, he completed the full revision and expansion of a local church world missions course in Spanish, Misiones Mundiales, for the SETECA-Guatemala lay training program. Second, he and Steve Hoke are restructuring (revised, tighter and updated content, new title and cover) their book, Global Mission Handbook.Third, he is producing a book (tentative title, Global Persecution: Normal Discipleship) for Christians dealing with the disturbing rise of persecution in the West (Global North) and the need for believers, families, churches, pastors and missionaries to be prepared to address and engage these issues. Fourth, he is working on his memoirs—Reflections of a Global Pilgrim.

Other publications as author and editor include:

  • La Familia Autenticamente Cristiana, Second edition, co-authored with Sergio Mijangos, Editorial Portavoz, 2002.

  • La Pirámide del Amor, Second edition, co-authored by Dina Saldívar de Escobar, Ediciones Las Américas,1993.

  • Misiones Mundiales, SETECA-CLASE, 1984 edition, co-authored with Eugenio Campos. Basic 10-lesson course in world mission for the Spanish-speaking church.

  • Internationalizing Missionary Training, Ed. (Paternoster/Baker, 1991).

  • Kingdom Partnerships for Synergy in Missions, Ed. (William Carey Library, 1994

  • Crisis and Hope in Latin America, An Evangelical Perspective, co-author with Emilio Antonio Núñez (revised edition), WCL, 1996.

  • Too Valuable to Lose: Exploring the Causes and Cures of Missionary Attrition, Ed. (Spanish and Portuguese editions) WCL, 1997.

  • Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations, (Ed., with Steve Hoke) William Carey Library, 1999.

  • Global Missiology for the 21st Century: The Iguassu Dialogue, Ed. (Portuguese edition) Baker, 2000.

  • Global Mission Handbook: A Guide to Cross-cultural Mission, (with Steve Hoke), Inter-Varsity Press, 2009.

  • Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution and Martyrdom, lead editor, with Tonica van der Meer and Reg Reimer, William Carey Library, 2012.

  • Misiones Mundiales, A Spanish-language grass-roots 20 lesson study course fro the local church. SETECA, 2013

  • Spirituality in Mission: Embracing the Lifelong Journey, John Amalraj, Geoffrey Hahn, William Taylor, Editors. William Carey Library, 2018.

He was the founder and editor until 2012 of the global missional roundtable magazine, Connections: the Journal of the WEA Missions Commission. One unique issue of that journal focused on arts in mission, compiling a unique set of thoughtful articles, examples from around the world, and places where people can study to prepare for ministries of arts in mission.

In his work with the WEA Missions Commission, he directed six international strategic-issues events, and edited four publications emerging from those consultations.

  1. Consultation on Missionary Training, 1989, Manila.

  2. Consultation on Strategic Partnerships—Alliances, Manila, 1992.

  3. Consultation on Missionary Attrition, England, 1996.

  4. Global Missiology Summit, Iguassu, Brazil, 1999.

  5. Consultation on the Impact of Globalisation on World Missions. Langley, Canada, 2003.

  6. Global Mission Issues Summit, Western Cape, South Africa, 2006

For nearly 50 years Bill has spoken at church mission conferences, strategic Christian university lectureships. He has consulted on global mission change with mission leaders, local churches, mission agencies and missionary training schools around the world. He is the Austin area professor of record for the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and loves teaching the last lesson.

TGC and the Crux Institute—based in Guatemala

In 2018, God brought into existence a unique new ministry based in Guatemala, called the CRUX Institute. CI is a singular apologetics platform that addresses and defends the Biblical view of marriage and gender, Christian ethics and Christian thinking. This new venture of creative faith was launched on May 10, 2019 in Guatemala City.

Its director is Lic. Gonzalo Chamorro M, a brilliant younger theologian and visionary, formerly on the faculty of SETECA.The Guatemala executive board is formed of personal and long-term friends of the Taylors, and he is honored to serve with them. The board of TGC has released Bill to invest 50% time in the CRUX Institute as together they gaze into the future.CRUX Institute will develop a strong presence in radio and social media, seminars and consultations, as well as a publications division.

Bill’s life partner, Yvonne Christine DeAcutis Taylor, is a native-born Texan from Dallas, and they have ministered together in cross-cultural mission since marriage in 1967. She studied at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, and was graduated with a university degree in liberal arts/music from the University of North Texas. She is Bill’s full colleague, serving him as his muse, critical thinker and sounding board, editing his writings, and ministering with him locally and internationally. A long-time student of Christian spirituality in the various historic streams of Christianity, God’s calling on Yvonne has for many years been to minister in the areas of spiritual formation and spiritual direction/mentoring.

Called by God several decades ago to a ministry of dedicated intercession, her additional areas of study and specific ministry have been Church History, Celtic Christianity, and Spiritual Theology/Formation. Her skills as a classically trained musician and her love for the fine arts have always formed an important part of her life and work. She and Bill are patrons of the arts and young artists, enjoy Irish dancing, all things Italian, reading and photography. She cherishes her role as a mother and grandmother and being able to serve/love/pray for her family. She is an intercessor and a “watchman on the walls”.

Yvonne and Bill are active members of Christ Church-Anglican, Austin, thankful to God for this missional, worshipping community. They serve there as requested and share inter-generational life together with their daughter, Christine, son-in-law, Cliff, and their four children.

In September 2018, the North American mission network, Missio Nexus, awarded Bill the “Lifetime of Service Award” in light of his 55 years of service to the global movement of God and His cChurch.

Finding themselves in a later stage of life, Bill and Yvonne desire to serve and strengthen Christ’s global Church, locally and globally, to qualitatively invest in younger missional leadership, and to finish their own race with faithfulness and integrity.

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