This dimension overlaps with mentoring but focuses more on professional direction and coaching, competency development and institutional change. It is a service provided to individuals, foundations, churches, mission agencies, businesses (including Business as Mission), schools and other types of educational organizations.


Consulting refers to assessment (off or on-site), professional coaching, evaluation, insight and wisdom to guide a person, team or organization to effectively carry out its long-term strategic mission, projects and programs.  Bill’s life-long background of tested relationships and international cross-cultural experience enable him to make a unique contribution to the consultative process.

Examples of consulting

  • Serving for 29 years with the Mission Commission, World Evangelical Alliance.

  •  Investing in selected younger leaders as they grow into global leadership.

  • Working with gifted and visionary emerging leaders with unique contributions to world mission, whether Business-as-Mission, leadership training, micro-enterprise or other ventures.

  • Engaging educational institutions, mission agencies, churches and foundations as they evaluate their history, mission, purpose, projects, programs and future.

  • Serving churches, agencies and schools re-envisioning their reason for existence, mission or changing future.

An case in point: when a church is either designing or re-envisioning their missionary candidate, training for either ministry or cross-cultural mission,, sending and supporting structures, an outside voice of worldwide experience can be of incalculable assistance.

Another case in point: issues related to attrition and retention of missionaries. Bill was fully engage in the two multi-national studies on attrition (books, Too Valuable to Lose, and Worth Keeping). His practical, hands-on experience of 50 years of ministry has given him an invaluable data base of personal case studies as well as statistical reports.